​​Spring flowers/displays are now permitted in permanent vases or approved vases with stand starting April 1st.

Join us for our Memorial Day Mass on Monday, May 27th on the grounds right next to the office!

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Sacred Ground

When we were baptized, we were taken to a sacred place —
a Catholic church. Here we received the promise of eternal life. When our loved ones leave this life, we take them to another sacred place —
a Catholic cemetery — for burial in sacred ground while awaiting the resurrection of the dead and the promise of eternal life.


As the world around us becomes caught up in the "here and now." Catholic cemeteries like Mt. Calvary stand as silent, but eloquent, witnesses to our belief in the resurrection of the body and eternal life in heaven. Indeed, Mt. Calvary is a testimonial of our beliefs... our hopes.. our faith. And it is a serene place —
a place where the Spirit dwells.