Can non-Catholics be buried at Mt. Calvary?
Yes. The Catholic Church has allowed non-Catholic Christians to be buried in Catholic cemeteries for many years. We encourage Catholic and non-Catholic families to consider Mt. Calvary as a peace-centered resting place for their loved ones. 

Do Catholic churches support Catholic cemeteries?
Mt. Calvary enjoys a close working relationship with Catholic churches. Mt. Calvary is not supported financially by the community's Catholic churches. However, some churches donate generously.

What is Mt. Calvary’s policy regarding markers and headstones?
While many cemeteries allow only flat markers with detachable vases, Mt. Calvary allows virtually any type of headstone or marker. As one of the community’s oldest cemeteries, Mt. Calvary features a variety of stone markers and memorials—including some dating back to the 1850s. 

How can I learn more about Mt. Calvary?
For additional information, please contact Mt. Calvary’s administrators, at 319-362-4659.

Frequently Asked Questions